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Deputy stepping up to take on role

FAVERSHAM welcomed in a new mayor last week. Former deputy mayor Nigel Kay was invested as the new mayor for 2014115 at a ceremony at the Alexander Centre in Preston Street. Cllr David Simmons has been in the role for the last two years. Cllr Tom Gates moved that Cllr Kay was elected mayor, saying:

“I know this evening you will be electing a mayor who is hardworking and true to his word.”

Cllr Cindy Davis seconded the motion and said:

“I’m sure Nigel will be an excellent ambassador for the town of Faversham.”

In a speech thanking councillors for their kind words and support, Cllr Kay said:

“There can be no greater honour possible than to be elected mayor”.

Cllr Bryan Mulhern proposed the town council “records its sincere appreciation of the very able service” from the former mayor, Cllr Simmons. Cllr Mulhern said:

“David is so dedicated that we would see him out at work on the market stall on a Saturday morning and at the next thing he’d be all suited and booted dashing off to something else. Then we’d see him at 4pm back to how he was at 8am as if nothing had happened.”

Cllr Simmons congratulated the new mayor and mayoress and thanked members of the town council for their continued support over the last two years. It was proposed by Cllr Ted Wilcox and seconded by Cllr Anita Walker that Cllr Jane Hawkins be elected deputy mayor for the coming year.

Herne Bay Times, May 21st 2014

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