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Decision on beach hut rents deferred

Packed meeting told of ‘new information’

PRICE HIKE: Beach hut owners are incensed at council plans to raise rents
PRICE HIKE: Beach hut owners are incensed at council plans to raise rents

A CRUNCH decision on the future charges for beach hut sites in Tankerton and Herne Bay has been delayed by Canterbury City Council. Officials revealed they had received new information they needed to examine, and said it affected their plan to increase the rents to bring them in line with market rates. The price hikes were planned for as much as 362 per cent, and the authority said legal advice left them with no choice about the increases. Council leader John Gilbey announced the news at the executive committee meeting on Thursday and said the Information would now have to be looked at and the proposals discussed at an executive meeting on February 6. A large number of beach hut owners had attended the meeting to give their views on the subject, although some decided to save their speeches for the overview committee meeting, which was being held last night (Wednesday) as the Times went to press. One owner. Tony Crowe, told the meeting:

“I believe it is unfair, the proposed increases are exorbitant. People will be forced to sell their huts to DFLs.”


Support for the campaign against the rent increases came from the Spa Esplanade Residents’ Association in Herne Bay. Lee Gannon, on behalf of the association, said:

“We feel the council have used a confrontational approach to our neighbours, is it little wonder the beach hut owners are angry? They already generate a good income, these huts add to the atmosphere of Herne Bay. Everyone should realise these proposed increases are unfair. We would ask the councillors to vote for fair and sensible increases.”

Councillors agreed to defer consideration of the proposals in order for the overview committee to look at the additional information this week.

Herne Bay Times, January 30th 2014


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