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Dead porpoise found washed up on beach

Dog walkers spotted something fishy on Herne Bay beach – and discovered what they thought was a killer whale calf. Jan Chapman and her partner Sid Miller feared a baby orca had washed up along the coast at Bishopstone Glen near Beltinge. But on closer inspection it turned out to be the remains of a porpoise. Foster carer Jan, 50, of Gainsborough Drive, Beltinge, said:

“The tide was out so we were walking the dogs along the mud and in the distance saw what looked like a big fish. We went over to have a closer look and at first thought it was a killer whale calf, but it was actually a porpoise. It was a beautiful little creature and in good condition, so I don’t think it had long-been dead. It had part of its tail missing so it may have been caught up in a fishing net.”

Porpoises are related to dolphins and whales and live in all oceans, mainly near the shore. It is thought the one washed up in Herne Bay was taken back out to sea with the tide.

Herne Bay Gazette, March 26th 2015

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