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Country is corrupt and rotten to core

I AM of the age where I have generally made the effort to vote and I actually believe that everybody should be made to vote. However, if one looks at the terrible mess our country is in, brought about by the consistent failure of mainstream politicians one starts to understand why so many people just do not bother, there is no institution in the country that one can now rely on or trust. My own view is that the country is totally corrupt and rotten to the core and this in turn is leading to the rapid rise of alternative political parties.

One of the recent fiascoes revolves around the education of the young people of this country. Throughout the nation and most certainly here in Kent there is a great call for the return of the grammar schools. This system is looked upon by many as a proven successful area of the overall education system but our Conservative politicians are telling these residents they cannot have any new grammar schools as it is against the law to have the school of their choice for their children. While David Cameron and his colleagues, our so-called representatives of the people, are eagerly promoting and allowing free schools. These schools can be set up by any Tom, Dick or Harry and can be staffed by any Tom, Dick or Harry without any teaching experience or qualifications. This is clearly a unique idea to increase the quality of education in this country! Silly me, why could I not see this? I did not realise that the way to improve the quality was to lower the standards. One can only assume that David Cameron has taken a good look at himself and his Cabinet members and come to the conclusion that private education with fully trained and qualified teachers is failing to turn out the quality of individuals that we need in the future for this country

In my life I have witnessed so many changes in our education and so many of our schools being constantly re-branded and still the quality of those who have to endure this seems to decline year on year but surely you don’t have to be a brain of Britain to solve the problem in our schools. If it is against the law to have new grammar schools then let us elect politicians who will change the law. Let us give the people a choice. My advice to the people of this country the people of Kent and certainly those in Sevenoaks is to show a bit of back bone. Open one of these free schools and call it a grammar school I feel sure you could employ fully experienced teachers and select those pupils that meet the criteria of the school. Just do it and show these pathetic politicians that they are irrelevant.

Mike Tibby
Herne Bay

Herne Bay Times, April 1st 2015


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