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Councillor targets dog mess problem

Action urged to clean up foul Bay streets

d A COUNCILLOR is kicking up a stink about the amount of dog mess on the streets of Herne Bay. Tory Jennie Edwards, chairman of the town’s area member panel, chose the issue as the first one to tackle in her year leading the committee. She highlighted the problem after receiving a complaint from a resident who recently moved to the town.


Speaking at the last meeting of the panel, Cllr Edwards said:

“I know it is something that is always ongoing and that there is always someone who is careless with their dog. But I received an e-mail from a resident who moved to Herne Bay in the last month and found ‘an unacceptable amount’ of dog mess everywhere. In the 10-minute walk from Herne Avenue to the seafront he found 17 piles of dog mess on the pavement and no signs reminding people to pick it up.”

Officials said they had received 26 reports of dog mess across the district in the last month, with just six inHerne Bay. Since April 1, there have been seven complaints about fouling in Herne Avenue. Cllr Edwards added:

“It may be a minor problem but it is not a nice problem. There are many conscientious dog owners and others that catch people out but they don’t know what to do.”

Councillors are due to review areas where dogs are banned or where owners must keep them on leads later this year but panel members said it was important to balance the needs of responsible owners as well. Herne and Broomfield Tory Peter Vickery-Jones said:

“There is an awful amount of pleasure people get from letting their dogs run.”

Cllr Andrew Cook urged people to report any owners who do not clean up after pets.


He said:

“We have to find the evidence but not just that, the very thing that produced it and the owner responsible. I want to tell people now, if you don’t know what to do, e-mail me and I will pass it on.”

You say

a Paul Mckenzie, carpenter:

“I think it is more a problem on the streets than on the seafront or other areas where people walk dogs. More bins would help. It is awful when you go for a walk and have to carry a bag of poo for most of the way which may put some people off.”

Teia Walford (left), mum of four:

b“It is disgusting and I don’t know why people don’t clean it up. The High Street, where I live, is very bad, but also the park — one of my children fell over there and had dog mess all over his hands.”

Emma Brett (right), not working:

“We definitely need more bins, and also more signs. People should know they have to clean it up but it IS always good to have signs to remind them. The town centre is often very bad.”

c Richard Broome, photographer:

“I live in Beltinge and I don’t think it is that much of a problem there or in the town centre. You do get it on the Downs, where people leave it in the grass. I don’t see that many poo bins, and more in areas that are particularly popular for dog walks would be good.”

Alicia Reynolds, works in New Look:

“I don’t really notice it in the town centre. In general, I think Herne Bay is pretty clean.”

Maureen Humphries, retired:

‘Tve had people let their dogs mess on my front garden because it is open. It’s disgusting. Even the grandchildren know now to walk around the lawn rather than across it because you never know what you will find there.”

Carol Somers, retired:

“I notice it when I walk around. There should be more wardens and people should be more responsible for their own dogs. If they are not prepared to pick up after them then they shouldn’t have them.”

Herne Bay Times, June 18th 2014

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