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Councillor correct about road safety

Not often I would say this, but I agree entirely with Cllr Peter Vickery-Jones that lowering the speed limit again on the A291 would not make the slightest difference to accident figures, as accidents are mostly down to bad driving. This road has already been downgraded from 60mph, the national speed limit, in recent years. If you went as far back to when I obtained my driving licence, there was no speed limit at all! Despite decades of repeating Speed Kills like some religious mantra, the Department for Transport says speed per se only accounts for about 5% of accident causation. Driving too fast for prevailing conditions, regardless of posted speed limits, can lead to accident or potential accident situations.

But it is hazard perception that the road-safety industry should be concentrating on. However, that does not make as much money as ‘selling’ speed awareness courses! When police attend a road accident they fill in a ‘Stats 19’ form. Deaths may involve a more stringent investigation, but if councillors read these forms, they might have a better overview of what is really happening and stop downgrading speed limits at every opportunity to suit their prejudices or anti-car agendas!

Terry Hudson, Russell Drive, Swalecliffe

Herne Bay Gazette, February 26th 2015

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