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Council took my bin and won’t replace it

I SYMPATHISE with J Bromley. Further to their letter regarding the charge for a new red recycling bin (letters, Wednesday, March 25). A few weeks back, following a recycling collection, my inner bin, used for paper and card recycling, was not placed back in my blue bin. I can only assume that it was thrown in the truck or left at another property. When I telephoned the council I was told that I could only have a replacement if I purchased one. While I take pride in diligently recycling, I do not feel that I should have to buy the receptacle with which to do so. As an aside, having no inner bin, I started keeping the paper and card separate in the main bin but watching the operatives one morning found that they just tip the bin in with the result that all the contents go in together.

William Wright

Herne Bay Times, April 1st 2015

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