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Confusion of facts and myths

As always I find the remarks of clerics fascinating (We Can Share God’s Gift Of Life With Others, Comment, Kentish Gazette, April 17). I think an ‘alleged’ should have been written somewhere or other or, at least make the point it is what Christians believe. Not believing in God I can’t believe in his gift of anything. As for the resurrection of Jesus, Muslims believe he was just a prophet. Why all this certainty backed up by nothing other than wishful thinking and self deception? Yes, spring is when life renews itself from the seeds left during the previous year. And it is the same with us humans who have children and grandchildren. Tell me, why is it ancient texts – the Bible and the Quran to name just two – are taken seriously in the 21st century? Why isn’t medicine, for instance, based on ancient scrolls and ideas current a 1,000 years ago? I think the Bishop of Dover needs to think before he confuses myths with facts.

Ian Macmillan, Sandwich Road, Ash

Herne Bay Gazette, April 24th 2014

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