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Compulsory purchase order option for airport

A REPORT has been ordered into the possibility of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for Manston airport. Thanet council will examine the option

“to determine whether CPO would be a viable consideration, given the extensive costs and liabilities this would involve,”

said a spokesman. Herne Bay MP Sir Roger Gale wants the CPO. He said:

“We have to dispel the impression given, arising from discussions that apparently took place with Thanet council officers earlier in the year, that housing is a done deal and that anything other than airport use is on the agenda. As Iris Johnston has made publicly clear, it is not.”

Earlier this month It was revealed talks had taken place between the airport and council about plans for 1,000 homes on Manston’s Northern Grass in the Local Plan. Ukip’s Janice Atkinson said she had called for a CPO “weeks ago” adding:

“We have also asked the Secretary of State for Transport for £200 mfflion to improve HS1 links and to build a second terminal. Our proposals would also divert some flights from the south east’s overcrowded skies to Manston. The people of Gatwick and Heathrow do not want expanded airports, there is little opposition down here, where the people want jobs and improved infrastructure.”

Herne Bay Times, May 28th 2014

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