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Clock Tower to hopes win your love on Valentine’s Day!

Organisers will be hoping to harness the power of love when the newly-refurbished Clock Tower is officially launched on Valentine’s Day. Under the banner Love Your Clock Tower they hope that people will adore the hard work and money spent to bring it back to its former glory. Friends of the Clock Tower chairman Julian Jennings said it heralds a new era for the town. He said:

“We are very pleased with the stone masonry. They have done an excellent job. I think people will be relieved that the focal point of Herne Bay has been restored. It is about to open a new chapter for the future of the town for many decades to come. Hopefully, the work will hit all the right notes and people will be elated. It has been an important community project and really has the wow factor to impact positively for the residents of Herne Bay and for visitors.”

Group spokesman Johanne Warren added that insurance is in place to allow community groups to make use of the concourse area. She said:

“From May onwards we are hoping to use the concourse to allow local groups to publicise. It could mean we have music shows, fashion shows and other events to really get people involved with it.”

The group won £250,000 of Heritage Lottery funding and a further £100,000 from the city council to restore the landmark. There are four new clock faces with gold leaf paintwork, colourful new LED lighting displays and cameras. There is also a new seafront information centre, and local children’s author Faye Beerling has enjoyed success with historical Tales from the Clock Tower. Council spokesman Robert Davies said the work has gone well and scaffolding should be coming down on Monday. He added:

“Elements of the project still to take place include pointing and work to the steps, which also involves checking the supports and cosmetic improvements. We anticipate we will be on site for a little while after the opening event on February 14, to finish the cosmetic improvements and tidy the site. Lots of hard work has taken place and we hope people like the results once the covers are taken down.”

Herne Bay Gazette, January 15th 2015

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