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Cllr Brazier who led the controversial streetlight switch off…

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KENT County cabinet member David Brazier has resigned from his post.

Cllr Brazier, who was the cabinet member for environment and transport, presided over the controversial street light switch off across the county and the Westgate Towers traffic scheme in Canterbury.

Labour Kent County Council for Margate and Cliftonville Will Scobie received the news by email said: “He (David Brazier) has come under a lot of pressure in the last two years. We saw at the budget with the streetlight switch off, a project he has dealt with, that £4.1 million has been spent and the most the council can make back is £3 million. That’s horrendous and the whole scheme was a total waste of time.”

Kent County Council (KCC) has unofficially confirmed his resignation but offered no further comment.

Cllr Brazier, who remains a councillor for Sevenoaks North East, was also unavailable for comment at the time we went to press.

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