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City needs overhaul not a makeover

CAN the city survive after John Gilbey’s running of Canterbury council has been slowly killing the city, with ridiculous council rates, extortionate electricity costs for street traders, lack of response to needs of business in the lower half of the city, etc. Painfully slow erection of Christmas lights, pathetic response time on graffiti tagging, and…. well I would take up the entirety of this newspaper with the list of his political inadequacies so thrust upon the council and thus the city itself.
I admit that like most when I heard of his resignation a cheer from my heart leaped free but I have a niggling fear that Its a bit like falling down a bottomless pit and finding half a daffodil root poking out the side to grab hold of. Whoever replaces Gilbey has to do some serious work and not simple rhetoric and patch-working. We need an overhaul not a makeover. lets move away from the draconian views that we have seen, the complete show of hatred for students, disrespect for local bus hiessas and ignorance of the views of the people of the district and breath life back to Canterbury.

Adam Parsons, Self Defence Canterbury

Herne Bay Gazette, December 25th 2014

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