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Children’s writing workshops with Faye Beerling

WORKSHOPS at Herne Bay Literacy Festival were selling out last week with young budding writers keen to take up their pens.

Local author Faye Beerling held one such workshop last Wednesday, where she helped children create rhyming stories.

Faye said: “It didn’t take much to fire up the imaginations of the children. A few key words on the flip-chart, a page from Tales From The Clock Tower and with the first two verses written by myself, they delighted in working in pairs and small groups and thoroughly enjoyed coming up with fun, rhyming words to make a short story from. Even the youngest, who was just 7.

“Some mini masterpieces were crafted that day. The value of teamwork really came into its own and there was no shortage of confidence when it came to reading them out. I am so proud of each and every one of them, they gave great thought to not only producing words that rhyme but they formed a story around them that made sense.

“I had the best time too, it’s lovely going to events and reading to children but to actively take part was so rewarding. I would love the opportunity to take these work-shops into schools, I’ve not had so much fun in ages.”

The finished items will be displayed at the Festival Exhibition at the Bay Art Gallery from May 23 to 31.

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