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Celebrations set for completion of restoration project at Herne…

The Herne Bay clock tower

The Herne Bay clock tower

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THE restoration work at Herne Bay clock tower is set to be completed in mid-February.

After months of work, Canterbury City Council will be hosting a celebratory evening at the clock tower on Saturday, February 14 from 6pm, which will include a firework display and a light show.

A grant of £250,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, plus £100,000 from CCC, has funded the restoration project.

Cracked stones have been replaced, whilst others were restored with a fresh covering for the columns, and the clock itself has been gilded with gold leaf.

A CCC spokesman said there will be a small amount of cosmetic work to be completed after the event, but the main works will be finished.

The landmark’s history dates back to October 2 1837, when Herne Bay’s benefactor Ann Thwaytes celebrated her birthday by handing over a clock tower to the town.

There were military bands, circus acts and fireworks, and 500 children were also given a free meal as part of the event.

Mrs Thwaytes used £4,000 from her inheritance from her tea merchant husband, about £175,000 in today’s terms, to pay for the structure to be built.

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