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Calling All Whistleblowers

If TDC decide to give Infratil the night flights they’ve asked for, it’ll have a significant impact on the everyday lives of all of us under the flight path. The elected representatives taking that decision should be as transparent as possible about the factors they are taking into account. Some of you have already offered us interesting and valuable insider …

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Here's an economy dozen of the finest, freshest questions to come marching in the door, demanding answers.

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Questions for TDC for the consultation

Eleven pointed questions

Here's an economy dozen of the finest, freshest questions to come marching in the door, demanding answers.
QUESTION 1 Would you please ask TDC to put the Schedule 106 currently applicable to Kent International/ Manston Airport up on its website so that the electorate can see what it says?
QUESTION 2 I notice that Infratil advises KIACC of the number of passenger and cargo flights each month...

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Manston Noise Assessment

BAP filled with holes

Some of the more observant members of our team here at No Night Flights towers have been reviewing the Noise Assessment Report from Bickerdike Allen Partners. They have provided me with a detailed report which highlights issues such as presented on it, including seriously underestimating the numbers of dwellings that will be affected.  They have come up with the following observations...

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Resident storms stage at meeting

Malcolm Kirkaldie

Clipping: thisiskent

KENT County Council's leader was confronted on stage by an angry resident during a public meeting in Ramsgate last Monday evening. Retired serviceman Malcolm Kirkaldie stormed the political platform demanding to be heard after county chairman Bill Hayton had insisted on questions and not comment. Mr Kirkaldie shouted, "It is not a democracy" before going head-to-head with KCC leader Paul Carter on stage.

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Night flying proposal 2010

So here it is...

Infratil have finally, after 13 months of waiting, given us a figure on the flights they expect to operate at night. To summarise:
  • They wish to extend unrestricted operational hours from 0700-2300 to 0600-2330
  • Between 2330-0600 they now wish to operate scheduled aircraft which were not allowed under the previous agreement...

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