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Gilbey in fighting mood

"It's really disgraceful. It's absolutely disgraceful that they can't see what this council is doing. But we will fight that. We will fight it tooth and nail to show them what we are doing. No question."

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Museum earmarked to be closed in shake-up

Herne Bay is set to lose its museum as part of the £3.5m budget shakeup planned by the city council for the next two financial years. The William Street building will be converted into a “community and education space” with exhibits moved to other museums in the district. Canterbury City Council chiefs have planned the building’s reuse plus the closure …

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Muse. Um.

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Here’s a very British gem: the Herne Bay Museum (link).

Fearless and fervent, my woman and I swarmed into the Museum to see what we could find out about The Downs of yesteryear. The place is a treasure trove! If you haven’t been recently, pop in and saunter around. From fossil teeth to bouncing bombs, they’ve got all sorts of goodies on permanent display. There are also temporary exhibitions...

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