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Carer launches support group for victims of abuse

There’s no need to suffer in silence and alone

Sabrina Little who is setting up a support group for abuse victims
Sabrina Little who is setting up a support group for abuse

Recovering from physical or emotional abuse can be one of the hardest things to go through, with only temporary psychiatric care and help available. But one carer in Herne Bay has set out to try to offer more support to children and adults who may have experienced bullying, domestic violence or other traumatic events. Sabrina Little, 30, has been a carer for the last eight years, working in nursing homes and with children. She has spent the last four years working with adults with challenging behaviours, such as schizophrenia, and believes her own experience of being a young mum at 16 has also left her well-equipped to support others. Now she has launched a support group on Facebook called the Silent Cry Abuse Support Group, where people who have suffered in Herne Bay can turn to find ongoing support and help. She said:

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but haven’t had time to do it as it’s not an easy thing to do. As a carer I have seen people struggle with abuse. I’ve seen friends and family go through it and have some support, but there is never an end to it. A few weeks of support sessions here and there don’t provide for the ongoing trouble that abuse causes.”

The group aims to provide outings and gatherings where people have the chance to talk about their experiences or just to socialise. Ms Little added:

“It’s an open group really, like a gathering of people going through it who can come together. In that situation you can feel like you are on your own, but this group can give confidence to people with support behind them”

She is now appealing to local people and businesses who could offer support for her group to come forward. She said:

“It will be a free group, supported by local people and businesses, and provide a sale space. We want to run things like coffee mornings or play centre visits, so it means we’d like to rent out community halls and venues. We’d like people to help us with equipment such as children’s toys, so that mums can bring their children and they will have somewhere to play. It’s not so much money that we need, but help from businesses and people like face painters or DJs.”

Email sablittle@hotmail.co.uk or search for the Silent Cry Abuse Support Group on Facebook.

Herne Bay Gazette, July 3rd 2014

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