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Caravan site would be good for area

I was interested to read the article in respect of the objections for the proposed caravan site at Heymar, Whitstable Road, (Fight To Stop Caravan Site, Herne Bay Gazette, January 1). I find it quite incredible that there are residents who seem intent on ‘downing’ a new local business that will bring visitors to our town. We have a good expanse of seafront, from the Coastguard cottages at Swalecliffe right through to the sand cliffs then along the top to Reculver, various amenities, brilliant views throughout the seasons of the year and a town with various new businesses opening. All of which encourages more prospective investors to our town. The objections appear to be based on the loss of ‘green belt’, noise and whatever else they can think up.

Perhaps they should expend their energies on objecting to the proposed developments at the Old Golf Club, Strode Farm, and the new possible supermarket near the Harvester. Not to mention the solar farm that has been erected along the Thanet Way or the proposed development near Chestfleld, the way all these housing projects are going points to there being no green belt eventually between Herne Bay, Whitstable and Canterbury. How can they object to possible noise, there is a railway line within the vicinity, a seafront which is used for water sports with its resulting noise not to mention that of the Thanet Way both old and new which generates a level of noise which is particularly obvious on the balmy summer days we can sometimes enjoy. While I do not live near this proposed site, as an ex-camper, a walker, lover of the outdoors I happen to think that it is a brilliant spot. Close to many amenities, with Whitstable/Faversham one way, countryside, Canterbury, coastline as far as Dover so many advantages or just to stay in the Bay.

The pier has recently been awarded funding, the Clock Tower renovated, we have so much to offer the visitor to our town. There used to be a caravan site within Studd Hill, over the last few years that was shut down and new individual housing built , did the residents of Studd Hill cheer when that happened? Why don’t you ‘nimbys’ stop objecting, support your local businesses starting with Heymar for the sake of all, especially future generations.

Carol Barrett
Elizabeth Way, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, January 8th 2015

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