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Car park closure a trade catastrophe

THE closure of the Gorrell Tank car park during the coming months will have a catastrophic affect on Whitstable’s traders. The Park and Ride from Estuary View was unsuccessful due to tack of available parking at the site. The council should look at the possibility of using some of the open spaces around the town to provide temporary parking whilst the Dairs to the Gorrell Tank are carried out. Might not some of the open spaces at Cornwallis Circle and Wheatley Road playing fields be used as car parks? The playing fields at Church Street would provide more than enough parking for a Park and Ride operation with good access from the Thanet Way. All these sites are on grass not concrete but this should not be a problem during the summer months. There would be some costs involved in providing these parking facilities but these should be set against the cost to the town of doing nothing.

Kevin Willis,

Herne Bay Times, May 28th 2014

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