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Campaigners seek reopening of loos

Campaigners have called on the city council to reopen the public loos in Beltinge. The toilets in Reculver Road were closed in July to save £5,000 each year, following a review by councillors who found they were not being used as often as facilities elsewhere in the district. But those opposed to the decision say it leaves pensioners facing a mile-long walk to the Kings Hall to relieve themselves. Peter Claridge has kept up the calls for the council to reverse its decision. He said:

“It’s an ongoing problem for us. We’ve collected 400 signatures which we presented to the council executive in November. There has been an effort to find a community solution, but now we see the land is for sale. There is a great deal of frustration with the council. We feel like our concerns have been dismissed. The decision was originally put through without talking to the community. In July they were de-equipped, as if there was no going back on the decision.”

Mr Claridge believes the council’s review was flawed. He said the council failed to obtain actual customer usage figures or to assess the impact on disadvantaged groups like the disabled and elderly. He added:

“It is certainly not clear the closure at Beltinge was based on a full, fair and objective analysis. From the flawed assumption, a much-valued community asset was shut and promptly gutted to make it unusable.”

Other loos that were also closed during the review included Hampton pleasure gardens due to building dilapidation, and the King’s Road car park site as it will become the new site for an Aldi supermarket. Instead, loos in Central Parade, Reculver, and the Memorial Park have been prioritised by the council. Last September council spokesman Robert Davies said the decision for the review was taken after evidence was taken from residents, councilors and contractors. He said:

“Our review concluded that Beltinge was one of the least used regular toilets in the district. We therefore recommended its closure.”

Herne Bay Gazette, April 2nd 2015

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  1. I agree the Beltinge Loo’s should be re-opened they have always been in constant use with a great many drivers and tradesmen. The nearest loo’s are in the Kings Hall which are quite a distance away