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Bedding Plants

This is a list of some of the plants we have used in bedding around Herne Bay…

Ageratum Champion White
Angelonia Angelface Wedgewood Blue
Angelonia Angelmist Deep Plum
Angelonia Angelmist Lavender Bicolour
Angleonia Angelmist White Cloud
Argyranthemum Maderia Crested Primrose
Argyranthemum Maderia Deep Pink
Begonia Big Red with Green leaf
Begonia Nonstop Mocca Orange
Begonia Nonstop Mocca Scarlet
Begonia Nonstop Mocca Yellow
Begonia Nonstop Pink
Canna Black Knight (Red)
Canna Tirol (Salmon Pink)
Canna Wyoming (orange)
Chorophytum Cosmosum
Cineraria Cirrus
Cineraria maritima Silver Dust
Coleus Wizard Pastel
Coleus Wizard Pineapple
Coleus Wizard Rose
Coleus Wizard Velvet Red
Cordyline Australis Purpurea
Cordyline Pink Passion
Cosmos Sonata Carmine
Cosmos Sonata White
Echinacea Primadona Rose (DOT)
Fuchsia Annabell (DOT) White
Fuchsia Bonstedt (DOT) Orange
Fuchsia Carmel Blue (DOT) purple/white
Fuchsia Ellebel (DOT) Purple/white
Gazinia Daybreak Pink Shades
Gazinia Daybreak Red Stripe
Geranium Maverick Appleblossom
Geranium Maverick Coral
Geranium Maverick Light Salmon
Geranium Maverick Orange
Geranium Maverick Orchid
Geranium Maverick Quicksilver
Geranium Maverick Red
Geranium Maverick White
Heliotrope Marine
Impatien DeZire Red
Impatien DeZire Salmon
Impatien DeZire Salmon Splash
Kochia Trichophylla
Marigold Durango Bolero
Marigold Durango Flame
Marigold Durango Red
Marigold Vanilla
Osteospernum Cream Symphony
Osteospernum Melon Symphony
Osteospernum Serenity Purple
Perilla nankinensis Laciniata
Petunia Frenzy Blue
Petunia Frenzy Butter Cream
Petunia Frenzy Orchid
Petunia Frenzy Plum Bicolour
Petunia Frenzy Purple
Petunia Frenzy Rose Morn
Petunia Frenzy White
Rudbeckia Autumn Colours (DOT)
Rudbeckia Goldstrum (DOT)
Rudbeckia Tiger Eye (DOT)
Salvia Victoria Blue
Strobilanthes Persian Shield (DOT)
Zinnia Zesty Pink

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