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Bay’s a Force to be reckoned with

The truth is out there…Herne Bay is on the map. As thousands of sci-fi fans flocked to the seaside it’s clear the Bay has cemented its position as one of the UK’s leading conventions. Trekkies, Whovians and Jedi Masters from across the world queued to catch a glimpse of Sci-fi superstars Chris Barrie, Hattie Hayridge and David Prowse. Looking back at the celebrations it’s right to applaud the force behind the event namely the Bay Promo Team who have singlehandedly created the mega tourist attraction. As a group of individuals united with a passion for the town they must make tourist boards green with envy with imaginative ways to encourage visitors.
The zombie invasion in November is a classic case of thinking outside the box to make Herne Bay stand out proudly from the town. Having worked hard to build this reputation as a sci-fi superhaven the potential is limitless. What we need now is to get behind the team in their future endeavours, help out when we can and take inspiration from such an innovative approach. Taking pride in where we live is exactly the sort of attitude needed and if we can achieve that it will ensure Herne Bay lives long and prospers.

Herne Bay Gazette, June 19th 2014

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