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Bay has no need of this business tax

The leader of Canterbury City Council is on record as having made it clear that introducing a Business Improvement District (BID), where a levy is imposed on traders to pay for extra services, into Herne Bay town centre is being progressed, similar to the one recently started in Canterbury.

As a city councillor, I have from day one vigorously opposed the introduction of the BID and utilised every opportunity to speak against it. Now that the staggering costs of administering the BID and other additional costs are emerging, we begin to see the realities which make the scheme divisive among traders.

Herne Bay has prospered from the demise of Canterbury, which has become an expensive shopping destination. Certainly, any increased cost to Herne Bay traders, or loss of car parking spaces, would not be a way forward for our town. I very much hope Herne Bay traders study all the details carefully before they consider being sucked in to following Canterbury traders into the vortex of a BID. In Herne Bay we are going along very nicely thank you and are better equipped to face the rapidly changing shopping trends than Canterbury.

Cllr David Hirst (Ukip), Palm Trees Farm, Upper Hardres

Herne Bay Gazette, February 5th 2015

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