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Another community centre is impractical

BECKY Richards’ idea (Times, January 7) to use the ex-sorting office as a community centre is highly laudable, but I fear impracticable. Community venues are good for the community, but the costs to convert it would be eye watering, so why not try to get other underused buildings involved as ‘community venues’? Two quick suggestions are (a) the room above the library is rarely used, (b) the room used as a café at the Umbrella Centre is invariably under-utilised in the evening. Why not look further at them for potential “community” usages? Thinking of the library for a moment, it could easily be the next on the “cuts” manifesto, so the more use it has, the safer (we hope) it would be.

Peter Cronin-Hill

Herne Bay Times, January 15th 2015

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