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All hospice beds should be retained

The Pilgrims Hospice in Canterbury
The Pilgrims Hospice in Canterbury

The decision by Pilgrims Hospice trustees to abandon their proposals is extremely welcome. If there was one message from the public meeting on Canterbury Pilgrims Hospice, it was surely for management to halt plans and think again (People Power Prompts Hospice Closure Rethink, Kentish Gazette, June 12).
It seemed clear to many residents at the meeting a move to phase out inpatient beds would impact on future income from fundraising. Furthermore, there was real, genuine concern that asking families to travel to Thanet or Ashford to see loved ones, possibly at a moment’s notice, would create unnecessary anxiety for those involved. While day care, respite and community care was to stay in Canterbury, the overwhelming public view was for the inpatient beds to be retained too. I quite agree. Many people encouraged the management at Pilgrims Hospice to reflect upon the public’s views. We need to find a solution that can address the deficit the hospice is facing and retain the 16 beds in Canterbury. Pilgrims Hospice is held in great esteem by people across east Kent – it has a wonderful reputation and its care staff provide an incredible service for patients.

Cllr James Flanagan (Lib Dem)
Fitzroy Road, Canterbury

Herne Bay Gazette, June 19th 2014

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