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Activist welcomes mud-danger signs

Vince McMahan and the soft-mud warning signs
Vince McMahan and the soft-mud warning signs

New signs warning walkers about the dangers of coastal mud have been put in place by the pier as part of a continued safety campaign. Campaigner Vince McMahan first pointed out the damage to the old signs in November last year after they had been damaged beyond repair. He was concerned that people could not read the warnings, leading to individuals getting stuck in Neptune’s harbour on numerous occasions last winter. But now they have been replaced. Mr McMahan said:

“I’m very pleased to see that the new signs are up. They certainly stand out far better than the old ones. By the nature of the designs they are better, and I believe they give a clear message to people.

There was a risk to the public to warn them about doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing.

“These signs let people know about the dangers of the mud in that area.”

Council spokesman Rob Davies said:

“A variety of work to advise people of water safety and the dangers of getting stuck in the mud has been carried out across Herne Bay during this year. This includes new signs on the pier, Neptune’s Arm and the small sea ramp at the harbour, as well as advice signs at Reculver about soft mud and unstable cliffs. There is also a big programme to install information signs about water safety as part of the Herne Bay Coastal Park project. Our ongoing programme to replace public rescue equipment will continue into next year. We take safety along our coastline very seriously and foreshore officers are out and about regularly inspecting the coastline.”

He added that people with concerns could call the foreshore services office on 01227 266719.

Herne Bay Gazette, December 4th 2014

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