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A brighter vision for the sorting office

IF CANTERBURY Council were to act with haste and vision, there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create highly valuable space at Whitstable harbour by buying the Whitstabte sorting omce and relocating the Oyster Indoor Bowls Club there. The funding would come from rent charged to incoming businesses on the valuable (in every sense) Oyster site — with additional community and parking space a condition of the deal. Alternatively, the Whitstable swimming pool could be relocated there and seafront space released. Or the same with the tenpin bowling alley. Or even the Whitstabie Lawn Bowls Club moved there to provide additional parking on its old site, assisting Tankerton Castle.

Or how about one bigger plan? Designate the Thanet Way site opposite Huyck for sport and amenity use and move the Oyster, the Lawn Bowls Club, the Howling Alley and the swimming pool there. And free up a gigantic amount of harbour-side space for redevelopment. Visitors spending money in town, more jobs, extra parking, extra facilities. Does the council have such vision?

William Martin,
By e-mail

Herne Bay Times, February 4th 2015

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