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What a curious defence our MP Sir Roger Gale makes against Ukip! The simple fact is that Sir Roger has let us down. He was against immigration, He has done nothing about it. He supports a government that promised to reduce immigration “or vote us out”. Immigration is now at higher levels than it was under Gordon Brown. Sir Roger does not apologise or explain. He simply asks us to vote for him again. He tells us, frequently, that he is a Eurosceptic but the government he supports is not. We pay more now to the EU than we did under Gordon Brown. The proposed 3,000 new houses in Herne Bay is being pushed by the government. Sir Roger did nothing to stop the change in planning rules when they were discussed in parliament. All he does is make a noise after it was no longer his responsibility. He supports the government and when you ask him about these things, he does not address a single one of the points made by Ukip’s Piers Wauchope. He just rather limply answers that Mr Wauchope was brought up in the wrong part of Kent. Well, I live in Herne Bay, and I know that Sir Roger has let us down. It is time for change.

John Moore
Ukip agent, Canterbury Road, Herne, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, March 12th 2015

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