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MP Sir Roger Gale
MP Sir Roger Gale

With reference to your article about the Ukip attack on Sir Roger Gale. When I went into hospital for operations and couldn’t get any help, Sir Roger went through the procedures with me to help claim disability payments and sort my case. There was no question of who I voted for or what my political views are. He and his wife and secretary helped liaise with the right government departments to get my case sorted. It is unfair for Ukip candidate Piers Wauchope, who I don’t think is local to the area, to criticise Sir Roger, who has been an MP for 30 years. I can’t be the only person Sir Roger has been there for. He must have helped many more people like me while keeping himself to himself and not shouting about it. If you have a genuine case he will help you, so he is a an unsung hero.

Damian Crockford
Reculver Drive, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, March 12th 2015

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