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Cllr Baldock echoes my own sentiments. I have walked past overflowing bins in Old Dover Road for the last two weeks. They are full to the brim with food waste and general rubbish. The lids are open. I rang the council and was put through to Serco who agreed that this does indeed look unsightly and is probably not hygienic but had no suggestions for their collection other than to agree that the house was “probably empty and the students away for some weeks”. There are also black bags on the ground. None of these have been collected despite my call. There are other places over the city where rubbish is unsightly and obviously needs to be collected. Surely someone needs to take responsibility for removing the bags and emptying the bins. Perhaps landlords could be subject to fines if their tenants make such an appalling mess. Cllr Gilbey has obviously not walked around Canterbury recently if he says there is no problem. Serco has not responded to my call made at least two weeks ago and the bins on the corner of Old Dover Road and Nunnery Fields remain full to overflowing. Tourists may only see the centre of the city but those of us who live here want a clean, cared for city where we can he proud to live.

H Langley
Norman Road, Canterbury

Herne Bay Gazette, January 8th 2015

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