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Ever since wheelie bins were introduced to replace the plastic refuse bags, there have been problems with excess rubbish left outside the bins. This is due to the fact refuse collectors Serco have, in their wisdom, decided they will only collect refuse in the bins with the lids closed! Unfortunately many households, mainly students, are not resident all the year round and the volume of their refuse fluctuates wildly from zero in the holidays to far more than one bin full at the end of term or college year. Even when you put the bins out regularly, like myself, I find the amount of refuse varies considerably and I have to admit I have been known to creep out late in the evening before collection and drop an extra bag into a neighbouring partially full bin! I understand Serco does not wish to continue with the refuse collection contract and I only hope that any new contractor hired by the city council will have a clause in their contract to collect all the refuse, whether in the bins or in plastic bags. This will solve at a stroke this continual problem of unsightly and unhygienic plastic bags being left out for weeks at a time!

Mike Armstrong
Queens Avenue, Canterbury

Herne Bay Gazette, January 8th 2015

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