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With the acute shortage of housing in the south east and the recent astronomical rise in house prices, it is inevitable that a drastic solution is required. Canterbury City Council’s recently-approved local plan certainly seems to address the housing problem and opting for larger developments does seem the best way to achieve the required result. Larger developments mean facilities can be provided In the sense of extra roads and infrastructure, partially funded by the developers of these sites. However, when we compare the transport proposals with the major developments we see one glaring omission. The largest development of 4,000 houses in south Canterbury is being provided with no more than new connections to the A2 Canterbury bypass.

Although it may not be possible to provide a complete A28 eastern bypass from the Sturry park and ride to the new A2 interchange, there should at least be a southern bypass from the A257 to the A2 interchange to carry some of the traffic from these 4,000 houses away from the centre of Canterbury. Such a bypass could partially be funded by the site developers and could join up with the A28/A257 barracks link road proposed in the local plan. The philosophy of reducing parking places and restricting vehicle access to the centre of Canterbury, without providing alternative routes around the city, will only result in Canterbury becoming less attractive for business and shopping. Canterbury will just finish up with even more tourists and resemble a theme park rather than the major city shopping centre for east Kent.

Mike Armstrong
Primrose Hill, Chartham Hatch, Canterbury

Herne Bay Gazette, May 8th 2014


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