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You’re off your trolley to not shop local

Jules Serkin

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JUST as Whitstable is welcoming Morrisons to the High Street and planning a third supermarket for the Thanet Way, we consumers are apparently turning our backs on the weekly trolley dash. Waitrose chief executive Mark Price told the Sunday Telegraph that a change as fundamental as supermarkets coming to the UK in the 1 950s is sweeping the nation as people are increasingly buying their food for today. The notion of people going and pushing a trolley around for the weekly huge shop is a thing of the past, he said. While we appear to be cramming more and more supermarkets into our own community, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have been pulling larger supermarket plans, including one in Margate, according to the Mail Online. It must be said that Tesco is doing its level best locally to keep up with the times and create a homely, community feel. For the relaurich of the store off Milistrood Road it has created a community room where charities and local groups can meet for free and it donated welcome funds to the Whitstable RNLI on reopening.

As they say, every little helps — but to my mind no amount of catering to the community by the supermarkets can replace the feeling of wholeness that shopping locally gives. Going to my local butcher, (Surmans of Tankerton) knowing where the meat is sourced, having a good natter with Brian (the dishy one), getting cooking times for the beef and then popping to the market for my eggs from lovely June, who always asks how my mum is doing, and coming home to my home-delivered Riverford organic veg box and my Herne Bay Hudson’s Fish certainly for me beats pushing a trolley around for an hour. I leave feeling miserable at the price, the queues and the experience.

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Herne Bay Times, December 10th 2014

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