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Years of helping local people

Will you help us to give someone else a happier Christmas? May I remind readers about the Lord Mayor of Canterbury’s Christmas Gift Fund. This charity was established in Canterbury in 1962 as a local fund, supported by local people, to benefit local people. With our 62-year history, it is hard to Imagine the numbers of people who have received a token of Christmas cheer from us over that period and this year once again we shall try to spread some happiness where the need is greatest. We distribute parcels of groceries each Christmas to the elderly, vulnerable and needy in the name of the Lord Mayor and, as ever, we rely on the generosity of local people in donating £16,000 in the space of just a few weeks to cover all our costs.

The parcels contain mainly basic groceries – yet, for some who receive them, it is often not so much the value of the goods but the knowledge that someone has thought of them that is important. More than 500 parcels will be delivered by one of our team of volunteers, and the visit from a sympathetic caller is often appreciated just, as much as the gift itself. The Lord Mayor of Canterbury’s Christmas Gift Fund is able to claim back the tax paid by individual taxpayers, so if you pay tax, please do consider helping us in this way — at no additional cost to yourself. We shall he pleased to send you the relevant form upon request or it may he downloaded from our website wvw.christmasgiftfund.co.uk

Cheques, payable to The Lord Mayor of Canterbury’s Christmas Gift Fund should be sent to: The Lord Mayor of Canterbury’s Christmas Gift Fund, C/o Robert Brett House, Milton Manor Farm, Ashford Road, Canterbury CT4 7PP. Thank you and happy Christmas.

Sheila Cragg
Chairman, The Lord Mayor of Canterbury Christams Gift Fund

Herne Bay Gazette, November 20th 2014

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