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Why our city is so much better than the capital

SPEND, SPEND, SPEND: Oxford Street? Pah! Whitefriars, the Kings Mile and high street are brilliant places to shop

LET’S face it; living in Canterbury is pretty awesome. But as more and more people vie for positions at businesses based in London, we thought we’d bring you some reasons to stay, or at least, some reasons why moving is not necessarily the best decision.
NATALIE TIPPING found nine reasons living in Canterbury is so much better than living In London:

1. Living in Canterbury Is cheaper than living in London
Figures show that the average costs of many frequent expenses are considerably cheaper in Canterbury than in the capital:
A three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant costs, on average, £40 in Canterbury and £50 in London. Membership for one adult for a month at a fitness centre costs. on average, £30 in Canterbury and £51.56 in London.
Rent on a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre in Canterbury costs, on average, £733.33 a month, while in London the figure is £1,521.45.
Rent on a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre in Canterbury costs about £1,100 a month, while London costs approximately £2,820
For those looking to buy, the average cost per square metre for an apartment in Canterbury costs £6,000, and in London it costs £9,297.

2. You can walk basically anywhere in Canterbury city centre in under 20 minutes
There’s no need for smelly Underground trains here, no sir.

3. It’s just generally a whole lot prettier than London
[Insert picture of the cathedral/Westgate Towers/the winding cobbled streets here… as if we needed another one!].

4. The people of Canterbury just tend to have a lot more time for other people than the people in London
Not trying to start any arguments here, but we all know most people in the capital have high stress levels and little time to chat.

5. If you really want to, you can get to London in less than an hour
The high-speed service from Canterbury West to St Pancras International takes about 56 minutes and costs just over £20 for a return day ticket.

6. You can also get to the seaside really quickly!
If you get on the high-speed service from Canterbury West heading in the other direction, you can go to Ramsgate, Broadstairs or Margate.
You can also get buses to Sandwich and Deal from the city’s bus station.

7. Canterbury high street and Whitefriars shopping centre has most of the shops you could possibly want, and you can walk around in (relative) peace
Who needs the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street when you’ve got a perfectly good H&M in town?

8. Unemployment rates in Canterbury are 25 per cent lower than in London
Unemployment in Canterbury is about 1.9 per cent, whereas in London it is closer to 27.7 per cent of the adult population.

9. We have Pork&Co
I mean, what more can I say? Let’s face it, there’s nothing better (vegetarians may disagree).


MESSING ABOUT: Who needs The Thames when you have the ridiculously beautiful River Stour running through the heart of the city?

Herne Bay Times, January 28th 2015

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