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Why do we have to endure these cuts?

It is  disgraceful and completely unacceptable that we have to endure the dangers and misery of power cuts every winter. UK Power Network’s boss said they were not expecting the recent storms and too many staff were on holiday. What gross incompetence!

We are in the middle of the heating season, they should always be prepared. Modern technology is available to give advance warnings, not to mention the Press. Can you imagine the furore if supermarket bosses said they were not expecting Christmas and hadn’t ordered seasonal goodies? UK Power network’s boss should be sacked. And what about energy minister Ed Davey MP? What is he in that job for, the prestige and a badge on his arm? He should be liaising with energy companies to ensure the nation’s supplies are safeguarded at critical times. He likewise is not up to the job and should be sacked as well.

Power lines in towns and cities are underground, so it is about time people demanded all power lines in rural areas are now put underground likewise, away from storm damage. There is no excuse not to. They lay them under the English Channel, so it is easily done.

Roger Arnold, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Times, January 9th 2014

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