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2015 began on a high note with a good meeting. Many things are planned for the year ahead, this being the centenary year in June.

Next Thursday sees the start with a meal at the Plough Swalecliffe. Two new groups are beginning in February – Singing for fun and knit and natter.

At the last meeting, Helen Howard talked on Of Molluscs and Me. For the last eight years she has run a snail farm for the table. Helen has been a fan of snails from childhood and bought along samples. Members were told the history of how they were bought here in Roman times from the Mediterranean.

It takes six months from eggs to table. They are what you would call an acquired taste.

Suzanne Kynastone, educational outreach officer at Wildwood, will be the quest speaker on Wednesday, February 18 at the URC Hall. This is a friendly WI and welcomes new members.

For information contact Mary Brown on 01227 265548.

Herne Bay Gazette, 29th Jan 2015

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