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President Beryl Ravensdale welcomed members and three visitors. The delegate to the annual council meeting in Margate, Vivienne Lateau read her report on the event. Members have a quiz to attend on May 12 at Seasalter Cross with a team taking part. The speaker was Rachael Spencer, a Kent fire and rescue vulnerable persons liaison officer. She said the fire service get called to more traffic accidents than fires. There is a need to know where vulnerable people live to help by giving home safety packs. There are six officers who visit up to 300 people a month. Most are people with ill health, mobility problems, mental health or addiction. Members were also advised that fire alarms need to be updated after 10 years and checked once a week. There are alarms for hard of hearing and those with impaired sight. Alarms can be fitted free of charge.

The next meeting on Wednesday May 21, at URC Hall, Middle Wall, will be resolutions, which this time is NHS long term care for the elderly. The competition will be a hand made item in felt. For information call Mary Brown 01227 265548.

Herne Bay Gazette, April 23rd 2015