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Whingers with no social conscience

THE vultures will soon be circling over Manston, no doubt wearing cheesy grins, shedding crocodile tears and screaming “not my fault”. These birds of doom can legitimately be categorised as DFLs, invariably retired, invariably elderly with time on their hands and invariably devoid of any vestige of social conscience. The possible loss of such a valuable asset for the whole of East Kent and one which brought such huge potential for quality jobs creation and for ease of travel is genuinely shameful. ft brings no credit to those who over the years have sought so vigorously to undermine the airport’s efforts with their constant drip, drip, drip of criticism and complaints. The 120-odd existing jobs subject to the rather derisory 45 day consultation period, will be lost, I have no doubt, and the whole area will be land-banked.

As a member of the KIACC (Kent International Airport Consultation Committee) I was always uneasy at the new owner’s refusal to meet with us, I see why now. In my view she never had any intention to run it as a go concern. I can only hope it is not her intention just to asset-strip and then go for more housing. Of course, we need those but more importantly we need good well-paying jobs to build and support families. I understand there is a petition being organised protesting at the possible closure of Manston. I urge all those who have a genuine regard for our area, who worry like me where the decent jobs are coming from, where our kids are going to find work, how we are going to afford decent homes and grow our families, to sign it. Get involved this once, ignore the whingers, sign the petition and get involved, together we can move mountains. Let’s get East Kent moving!

Cllr Peter Vickery-Jones
Canterbury City Council
Herne Bay resident

Herne Bay Times, March 27th 2014

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  1. Kent Resident

    The comments by the Cllr for Canterbury shows what little knowledge he has of Manston.
    Despite decades of continual losses at the airport under several ownerships this Cllr thinks it a good idea to encourage protestors against it’s closure. Who are the whingers now then ?
    The new owners have plans to create many thousands more jobs for the area through building on the land. Jobs for our youth and unemployed like there never was at the airfield ! This is exactly what Thanet needs and wants and has little to do with out of towners such as the Cllr who thinks that a derelict airfield is good for our economy !