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What we found on the Litter Pick

Our recent litter pick was very impressive. Many, many thanks to all of you who came along. In less than a couple of hours, we collected eight sacks of rubbish from the eastern end of the Downs, including a few surprises like an arrow (!), a chunk of kitchen sink, a ping pong bat, and a very unattractive pair of Y-fronts. The mind boggles!

I think my least favourite bits of rubbish are crisp bags (which seem to be indestructible) and plastic vending machine cups, which split into dozens of white plastic sticks which then go everywhere.

Mystery Gull

Shortly after we arrived at the car park at the end of Reculver Drive, we were befriended by a very people-friendly young gull. It turned out that this youngster is regularly on the scrounge, and has trained a number of people to turn up and feed it each morning! If you have any idea what species this is, please let us know in the comments section below.


One of the good things about litter-picking is that your attention is focused on the ground, so you see things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Here’s a couple of rather lovely plants that I spotted, and I have no idea what they are.

If any of you green-fingered botanical types can enlighten us, fill in the comments bit below.

Mystery Plant 1
Mystery Plant 1
Mystery Plant 2
Mystery Plant 2

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  1. Barry Oakland

    Hi guys, I am sure you have already had loads of answers to the bird question. It looks like it is an immature Herring Gull. They get their adult plumage when they are about 2 years old. This is what I remember from 45 years ago so maybe it has got misted with time! Sorry I could not make the 'pick', a very big 'well done' to all concerned.Rgds.Barry

  2. June Elliott

    First picture FIELD BINDWEEDSecond picture SALSIFY

  3. Thank you both – proof positive that there is such a thing as the wisdom of crowds. Incidentally, I think that probably makes Salsify the prettiest root vegetable I know of. But there's an awful lot I don't know…

  4. Dick Holness

    Definitely a young herring gull. Lots about a month or so ago. Another difference between them and the adult is that the youngster can't do the gull call properly, it only manages a sort of strangled squawk.