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Well done Ed for kicking up a stink over gas smell

I want to comment on the truly wonderful community spirit so ably demonstrated by Ed Franklin who lives in Bognor Drive, Herne Bay (We Are Waking Up Feeling Ill From Disgusting Stench, Home Bay Gazette, November 25).

You reported he had printed and delivered leaflets to all the residents in his neighbourhood about the strange gas-like smell in some of the houses. What was important to note was that several of the residents responded to him saying that they had noticed the smell but did not know what to do about it until his leaflet arrived.

I have no desire to scare people but if there really had been a problem then to have ignored it could have led to quite serious consequences. That is why Ed’s neighbourly actions deserves the highest praise and recognition. That is why I want to commend Ed’s actions to your readers. But for Ed and people like him the world will be a poorer place.

Well done Ed, and a Merry Christmas.

Cllr Peter Vickery-Jones
Herne Bay Gazette, 9th Dec 2010

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