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‘We want to thank helpful teenagers’

A HERNE Bay couple are appealing for help to track down four kindhearted teenagers. Alison and Brian Taylor hope to trace the youngsters who helped them after one of their dogs went missing in Memorial Park on Saturday evening. Mr Taylor had been walking springer spaniels Barney and
Harry at around 6.30pm when he lost sight of Barney, who is elderly and deaf. He phoned his wife, who drove to the park and put Harry in the car before helping with the search. She said:

“We came across these four youngsters who immediately offered to help look for him. Fortunately for us, one of them saw him in the distance and two of them ran after him and managed to catch him. We were so relieved to find him we just wanted to get him home. Once home we felt they deserved more than a thank you and did go out to try and find them, but without success. Much is said about the lack of care shown by the younger generation, however these four could not have been more considerate and willing to help.”

The couple are now appealing for help to find them. The youngsters were all in their early teens, three girls and a boy, and they had torches. One of the girls had long dark hair.

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Herne Bay Times, January 2nd 2014

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