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Wanted: Someone to keep Telly-Go-Round turning

Rotary Club needs volunteer to help run popular Bay attraction

TELLY GO ROUND: David Curtiss is appealing for more volunteers
TELLY GO ROUND: David Curtiss is appealing for more volunteers

VOLUNTEERS with a spark of initiative are wanted to help maintain the Telly-Go-Round on Herne Bay seafront this summer. The machine, which is operated by Herne Bay Rotary, is close to the town’s pier and first appeared in 1967 as Dougal and the Lighthouse. It was the idea of Rotarians George Jones and Barry Smith. The current look of the machine is the result of work by club members in 1983 and it is still repaired and improved by them. It is the only one in the world. David Curtiss, from the Rotary Club, said it was vital more volunteers took part. Mr Jones is now 92 and is unable to do the day-to-day, and Mr Curtiss said:

“I’ve lost count of how many people come up to us and say their children want to take a look at it, and not just local children either, but some from overseas.”


It is estimated that 350,000 coins are put in the coin box over the summer to operate the machine. Last year it raised £4,000 as “children of all ages” tried to get the jackpot. This is when the drums open and Thomas the Tank Engine comes out with a whistle. Apart from raising thousands of pounds for charity, the Telly-Go-Round is also a popular attraction. Now Rotary is asking if anyone with electrical experience ca.n help clear any faults that might occur with the machine when the Rotarian who maintains it is away. Mr Curtiss added:

“Ideally we are looking for somebody who is available, or who is possibly retired.”

• If you can help, please phone Chris French on 01227 367386.

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Bay Promo Tam shared our story on the Telly-Go-Round and here’s what you had to say…

Ruth French: This has to stay! Its been there as long as I remember and my boys love it just as we used to!
Clara Strong: Many a memory of this in my childhood in the 80s and now for my children.
Kerry Jones: You only have to put in a penny to make it spin, such a great little machine, xx
Liz Smith: Herne Bay Sea Front would not be the same without the Telty-GoRound, my late father in law put a lot of time and effort into it along with his friends.
Sharon Homewood: My granddaughter got the jackpot on Sunday n luved it.
Nikki Bradley: This has got to stay! I played with it so do my children! love it x
Donna Louise Carré: Oh this has to stay for sure the children love it!
Dean Wingrove: I love this as much as my three-year-old does, we have some new up to date teddies if you would like them.
Carly Jennings: need to keep this for our little miss! Her fave x

Herne Bay Times, April 22nd 2015

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