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The Goods Shed in Canterbury is just one of the restaurants that prides itself on great vegetarian food

Canterbury district is famous for its huge range of great restaurants, cafes and eateries, to suit every taste.

This is certainly true for vegetarians and vegans, who are spoiled for choice in the area, even amongst the bistros of Canterbury, and the seafood restaurants of Whitstable. Here are our picks for some of the best restaurants to visit if you’re looking for a vegan or vegetarian meal. Not all of them are exclusively vegetarian, but they all offer something special for the less carnivorous of us.

The Veg Box Café, Jewry Lane, Canterbury: Arguably, the vegan flagship eaterie in Canterbury, the Veg Box wears its vegetarian credentials on its sleeve. With a menu that changes depending on the season, with a wide range of local produce, the box will always have something to offer vegetarians, or people looking for something different for lunch, or an afternoon tea.

The Lady Luck, St Peter’s Street, Canterbury: Most pub menus are more associated with a good steak pie, rather than vegetarian specialties. And while the Lady Luck does serve a range of meat pies and other traditional grub, it would be a crime to not try their vegan chilli, or range of veggie burgers. From Southwest bean burgers to mushroom melts, there’s plenty here to keep veggies coming back.

Kitch, St Peter’s Street, Canterbury: One of the trendiest cafes in Canterbury, Kitch prides itself on a range of vegetarian breakfasts and lunch, most of which can be turned vegan at the drop of a hat. From the Full Veggie Breakfast, to the Seasonal Veggie Fritata, Kitch offers plenty of choice to fit your eating preferences.

The Wallflower Café, High Street, Herne Bay: Another great café for any vegetarian to pick up a great meal, the Wallflower’s laidback attitude and dedication to local produce has won it praise in The Guardian, and local catering websites. With new options almost every day, its worth visiting more than once to see what else has joined the menu.

The Goods Shed, Canterbury West Rail Station: The Whitstable Larder restaurant at the farmer’s market next to the railway, specialises in vegetarian and vegan food, with quinoa, falafels, home-made hummus, and even vegetarian sausage rolls and scotch eggs. Coupled with their seasonal tarts and Kentish Land Girl Homity Pie, all topped with local Ashmore Cheese, there’s plenty to enjoy.

A Casa Mia, High Street, Herne Bay: For those looking for a nice vegetarian dinner, you can’t go wrong with some Italian; from their Spaghetti al pomodorino, to their Ortolana pizza with aubergines, mushrooms and peppers, this restaurant is proof that Italian food doesn’t stop pepperoni.

The Tapas at English’s of Whitstable, Harbour Street: For those who would prefer the creatures of the sea die of old age, this Iberian-inspired tapas restaurant offers a range of great vegetarian dishes, from paella to tortillas, with some lovely patatas bravas in spiced tomato sauce on the side. A great taste of Spain on the Whitstable coast.

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