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Upping the ante

Well, here’s a surprise – I asked Manston and Infratil and their spin doctors to justify their absurd job figures, and there’s been absolute silence. Maybe it’s just me – maybe they just won’t talk to me. Maybe it would help if YOU asked them…

Here are the email addresses I used, if you can find better addresses, do let the world know by putting them in a comment.

Or you could simply email them this article by using the “EMAIL THIS” link below.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


I have become so sickened and angered by the false promises of jobs that Manston keeps trotting out that I decided to force the issue, and throw down the gauntlet.

Manston’s business plan features graphs that sweep majestically up to indicate millions of passengers a year, and thousands of jobs.

This business plan is based on the fairytale that 1 million passengers = 1 thousand jobs.

I’ve written to Charles Buchanan (Chief Executive Officer of Manston Airport), and his boss Tom Wilson (Chief Executive of Infratil Airports Europe Ltd), and Andrew Metcalf (Director of Maxim PR, who as Manston’s spin doctor has the thankless task of trying to make a silk purse out of a flying pig’s ear).

I’ve asked them, basically, to put up or shut up – name some airports that actually deliver this thousand-per-million ratio to prove that it is actually achievable. I’ve invited them to reply to me direct, or leave their replies HERE.

I’ve copied the letter to local journalists and newspaper editors, so that they can keep an eye what (if anything) happens.

We wait and watch. [23rd Feb 2012]

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  1. M.S.Lockwood

    As I have allways said Manston with its bunch of Directors, Owners and Shareholders are NOT in business to create jobs they are in business to create PROFIT!!Mark my words, IF they do get their way they may 'create' a few jobs as a sop to their success. But,will certainly at a date not too far in the future, will also create reasons to make these jobs REDUNDANT!!!

  2. You won't get an answer from Charles Buchanan he's not interested in anyone who has a problem with Manston.I asked him why the east bound flight path changed a number of years ago to fly over my property. I live in Cliffsend, the aircraft used to take off & stay in line with the runway & fly over Ramsgate, but then in the last year of Plane Station & all the time with Infratil they take off half way down the runway. The moment they leave the ground they turn right to miss the noise monitors then fly over my house. I wasn't under the flight path when I moved here, Charles seemed somewhat surprised to what I was telling him – that was just a front he couldn't give a damn, he took my contact details & promised he would contact me when he had a flight going east bound & come to my home to witness what i was talking about & no doubt you've guessed he didn' contact me. Then on the next meeting I approached him again he just laughed & apologised for not contacting me & said he was out of the country & said he would come round soon that was around 18 months ago, & yes you're right once again he didn't turn up, perhaps you should ask Oh Dear to sort it out for you.