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Two types of people at the Jobcentre

THERE are two types of people who are on benefits — there are some lazy people who live the life of riley on benefits and don’t want to do volunteer work and don’t want to work at all; then you get the really decent people who are to be admired, those who have done previous work, volunteer work or are seeking volunteer work and are prepared to work. It’s the really decent job seekers who get picked on at the Jobcentre, take, for example, someone who has done volunteer work and cannot get a job, while someone who has not done volunteer work or any previous work and the Jobcentre gives them a job! How is that fair on the person who has done volunteer work or previous work? They are the ones who are entitled to a job! Too many Jobcentres are imposing hash sanctions on job seekers, they now have to create a job seeker’s account online and apply for so many jobs online per week. There are far too many online job applications, this is a costly and complicated process for the job seeker.

Applying for online jobs requires job seekers to create an account, they have to create a username and password, upload their CV and then they have to go through and answer 30 questions — that’s right, 30 questions! There are problems within the voluntary sector which the Jobcentres don’t know or fail to see. People have done volunteer work and employers do not employ them! Too many university students get too many privileges behind closed doors, some get the best voluntary work, some get awards for just completing volunteer work. People have their own unique skills to bring to the table and are as hardworking, regardless of whether they are university students or not!

Mark Dorrington

Herne Bay Times, April 22nd 2015


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