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Tree squashes car in Herne Bay

Herne Bay care worker distraught after 50ft tree falls onto car in high winds

A 50ft lime tree toppled onto a car in Herne Bay this morning. A care worker has been left distraught today after a 50ft tree fell onto her car during high winds. The woman was working a night shift at Parsonage Lodge, in Herne Bay, when the car was crushed by the fallen lime tree.

Staff said they heard a “crash”, but thought it was just heavy wind
until they looked outside to see the tree lying across the road. The force of the tree has shattered the car’s windows and crushed the roof.

Rodney Belfield, head of care at the Parsonage Road home, said staff
had to climb the wall when leaving and entering the home this morning. He said:

“It was about 4.30am when the staff heard this crash, but they didn’t think anything of it. It was only when she saw her car under the tree that the tears started coming and she is absolutely devastated, bless her.”

Mr Belfield said the woman is unavailable for comment as she is resting from her night shift. Tree surgeon Ashley Harlow said he expects to finish the tree’s
removal this afternoon after receiving a call in the early hours. Fire crews and police also attended the scene.

kentonline 15th May 2013

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