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Traffic-calming is not enough in this road

I WAS interested to read the article in last week’s Times regarding a new crossing in Millstrood Road, Whitstable. I totally agree with Amanda Glithero that something needs to be done about keeping our children safe – traffic- calming is not enough.

I live in Downs Avenue and all the traffic-calming has done is move the problem to our road. We regularly have cars, vans and motorcycles speeding up our road, and our car and others have been hit but the offenders have not stopped. Downs Avenue is used as a short cut instead of going over the traffic-calming bumps of Milistrood Road they race up or down the road trying to ‘beat’ the cars going the other way. We have contacted the council and the police over this, but neither want to do anything about it. It seems that until there are more serious accidents or, God forbid, a fatality, nothing will be done. Our road is also used by children going to and from school, as well as quite an elderly population, so one fears that another accident is just around the corner.

Name supplied to editor, by e-mail

Herne Bay Times, January 21st 2015

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