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Too many signposts ruin the landscape

WHAT is going on with Canterbury City Council? I know we’ve just had ‘the night of the living dead’ but do they really believe we are a bunch of zombies? I’ve been noticing with dismay the increasing number of sign posts cropping up around my local area, most of them stating the obvious. The council appears to be operating under the maxim “why put up one when ten will do”. On my regular walk from Bishopstone to Reculver Towers, another seven have been plonked up to join the many others already there. This was once an area of real beauty but now you cannot see the landscape for warning signs. I understand the need to warn the public of potential hazards but surely this can be done discreetly and in harmony with the environment, at one point there are six sign posts within 20 yards of each other. This proliferation of posts smacks to me of the council covering its rear end in case of litigation rather than any concern for our welfare. The council appear to have little concern for our lovely landscape and obviously have more sign posts than sense.

J Elliott
by email

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