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Theatre success

I should like to express my appreciation to all the people who contributed to the success of Acting Up At Last at Faversham’s Arden Theatre on Friday and Saturday, November 26 and 27.

First and foremost, a big thank you to my fellow actors for their dedication, application and enthusiasm over a number of months. During this time they bore the disappointment of two unavoidable postponements of the show with great stoicism and equanimity. There is always a tremendous spirit within the cast and they did themselves proud.

The performers, who come from the Acting Up and Durham House drama groups which serve the local community, use drama to promote confidence, communication, team-building and social contact using a variety of mediums such as singing, acting, poetry and dance. All the material was original and written and arranged by group members who have, or have had, experience of mental ill health.

One of the many pleasures I have experienced during my association with the group over the past three years has been in witnessing the growth in stature and confidence of many members. They have developed sufficient confidence as to enable them to pursue various courses and interests unrelated to drama and have thereby had their lives transformed. A number of people worked extremely hard behind the scenes without whose support, enthusiasm and encouragement the show would never have taken place.

On behalf of the group, I should like to extend particular thanks to Faversham’s Arden Theatre for hosting the production; Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre for the use of their hall for rehearsals and a host of people too numerous to name who designed posters and tickets, advertised and promoted the show, provided invaluable help with lighting, sound and prop shifting, plus those responsible for providing costumes and for designing and making props.

Others richly deserving our sincere thanks include choreographers, the team of people running the raffle, plus the terrific team at Durham House and beyond, as well as other volunteers and friends.

Last but certainly not least, warm thanks to everyone who turned out on two bitterly cold nights to lend their support. The warmth generated by their enthusiastic applause, lusty singing of choruses and general goodwill more than compensated for the chilly weather outside.

John Rose
Herne Bay Times, 9th Dec 2010

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